Jasper Rand Art Museum 2016


Our June artist Anthony Biladeau explains:

"The works in this exhibition consist of acrylic paintings, oil pastels and a woodcut print. The paintings are a continuation of my works with a floral theme. Oil pastel is the medium used in creating the landscapes and the spaces they occupy. Oil pastel is an exciting medium providing much diversity in the texture and colors possible to achieve.

I find the process of creating art amazing-to take a blank canvas or piece of paper, block of wood, clay, metal or whatever and with thought, effort and work create something totally unique that others can enjoy and possibly provide the inspiration to encourage other to unlock or free their own creativity is very stimulating.

Born and raised in Western Mass I earned my BFA and MFA degrees at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. My art work relects my background in the flower industry where I worked in retail and wholesale and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I've studied under and worked with very good artists and educators all contributing to the development of my work."

Anthony Bileadeau's work will be on display in the Jasper Rand Art Gallery during Library hours: 8:30-8 Monday through Thursday and 8:30-5 Friday and Saturday.



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